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Children With Special Health Care Needs Circle

This work group represents parents and caregivers of children with special health care needs (CSHCN) birth through adulthood. The group will focus on addressing the strategies and objectives found under the CSHCN priorities within the 2021-2025 Title V State Action Plan.

Work Group Priorities

Title V State Action Plan Priority 5

Check out our Group Charter! (Coming Soon)

Work Group Resources

Kansas Special Health Care Program
The Kansas State Plan for Systems of Care for Children and Youth with
Special Health Care Needs

Bureau of Family Health Systems of Supports
National Standards for Systems of Care for CYSHCN
National Care Coordination Standards for CYSHCN

CSHCN Work Group Members

Nicole Crump
Kathy Keck
Lena Kisner
Julie Lour
Trina Morgan

Kate Roggenbaum
Sookyung Shin
Cassandra Sines
Jennifer VandeVelde
Mari White