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Febuary is Prenatal Infection Awareness Month

Prenatal Infection Prevention Month is a worldwide observance to promote awareness of infections transmitted from mother to baby. According to research, up to 24% of stillbirths in developed countries, like the US, result from infection.

In recognition of February as Prenatal Infection Prevention Month, KDHE has developed the attached Action Alert and social media graphics. Please share this important health information throughout the month with the individuals you serve, your colleagues, collaborative community partners, and on your social media platforms.

View the full action alert PDF

Social Media Graphics and Messages

Post 1

Did you know that February is International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month? Prenatal infections are illnesses that can be passed from mother to baby during pregnancy or birth. Most Prenatal infections are preventable. Learn more at:

Post 2

Most Prenatal infections are preventable. Receive early prenatal care and prenatal screening— including for sexually transmitted infections. Learn more at:

Post 3

Most Prenatal infections are preventable. Receive immunizations against viruses that cause the flu, chickenpox, measles, rubella, pertussis and COVID-19. Talk to your provider about getting vaccinated. Learn more at:

Post 4

Most Prenatal infections are preventable. Practice good hygiene — wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Avoid individuals who are sick or ill. Learn more at:

Post 5

Most Prenatal infections are preventable. Practice good nutrition — wash all your food before you cook or eat it. Thoroughly cook all food. Do not consume raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs. Learn more at:

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