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FAC Council Members

Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)
Work Group

Jennifer Burgardt

Jennifer Burgardt, Lindsborg

Nicole Crump

Nicole Crump, Prairie Village

Janelle Dean

Janelle Dean, Wichita

Laura Evins

Laura Evins, Emporia

Tabitha Franklin

Tabitha Franklin, Auburn

Rahel Kabede

Rahel Kabede, Olathe

Kathy Keck

Kathy Keck, Wakarusa

Kathrine Kersenbrock-Ostmeyer

Kathrine Kersenbrock-Ostmeyer, Colby

Julie Lour

Julie Lour, Wichita

Sookyung Shin

Sookyung Shin, Lawrence

Mari White

Mari White, Lawrence

Corey Yarrow

Corey Yarrow, Topeka

Early Childhood (Birth - 5) Work Group

Kieli Gebremeskel

Kieli Gebremeskel, Gardner

Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin, Glasco

Dannah Schatz

Dannah Schatz, Ashland

Jennifer VandeVelde

Jennifer VandeVelde, Topeka

Child (6 - 11) Work Group

Erica Arb

Erica Arb, Salina

Kathy Carter

Kathy Carter, Andover

Lena Kisner

Lena Kisner, Hutchinson

Kate Roggenbaum

Kate Roggenbaum, Haysville

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith, McPherson

Adolescence (12 -21) Work Group

Trina Morgan

Trina Morgan, Goddard

Cassandra Sines

Cassandra Sines, Wichita

Woman/Maternal Work Group

Karlea Abel

Karlea Abel, Pittsburg

Kelly Berry

Kelly Berry, Kansas City

Visit the individual Work Group pages to see membership roster for each group.
Early Childhood (ages birth to 5 years)*
Child (ages 6 to 11 years)*
Adolescence (ages 12 to 21 years)*
CHSCN / Children with Special Health Care Needs (all ages)

*NOTE: These groups are still being formed. If you are interested for one of those groups, please apply here. As the groups are formed, these pages will become available.*

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